Asia Pacific Business Council For Women

         Asia Pacific Business Council For Women

We have three main events each year, and we would love you to join us.

Business Site Visit

Businesses are the backbone to our economy, and across South Australia, businesses are working to exceed their objectives and effectively succeed in all markets – locally, nationally and internationally.

APBCW introduced the event “Business Site Visit”, not only to expose the diversity of South Australian businesses who trade with the Asia Pacific region, but to also expose our members to the journey many businesses have made to prevail.

This annual event includes a tour of a local business, followed by a presentation from the Managing Director and networking drinks.

It’s an informal gathering for members and non-members of APBCW to explore and be exposed to the many businesses in South Australia trading with the Asia Pacific region. 

Business Seminar

By far APBCW’s most popular event, the Business Seminar invites three panel speakers to discuss and share their business journey.

The seminar is moderated by APBCW Patron, the Honourable Jing Lee, MLC, and during the seminar the panel are asked a variety of questions focussing on the challenges and strategies that their business has had to overcome.

The panel speakers are business women who manage their businesses, or are within a service-related industry, who work and trade with the Asia Pacific region.

If you are someone who is looking to start a business, or are already working in an established business, and wish to gain insight in how other businesses overcome the challenges of the business world, then the APBCW Business Seminar is an event for you. 

AGM Networking Dinner

Like every organisation, Annual General Meetings are mandatory within our constitution.

The AGM updates our members on what the Council has achieved, and what the future holds. After the formalities of the meeting, members are encouraged to stay for an informal dinner to network with other APBCW members.

Settings like the AGM, assists in building working relationships with like-minded individuals – an objective that the Council sets out to achieve. 

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