Asia Pacific Business Council For Women

         Asia Pacific Business Council For Women

About the Asia Pacific Business Council for Women

The Asia Pacific Business Council for Women (APBCW) is a not-for profit, membership based organisation aimed at:

Fostering business opportunities and cultural exchange for Australian businesswomen of the world

Promoting Australian Business and Professional Women working locally and focussed globally.

APBCW was established in 1994 when a small group of women recognised there was a lack of mentoring and support available to South Australian professional and business women. As these founding women originated from the Asia-Pacific region and were trading in this area, they used their links as a basis for forming the APBCW. Our Council continues to have a special interest in the region, while recognizing that the global nature of trade and cultural exchange extends to other regions as well.

Our strengths and growth potential lies in the diversity of our members. We encourage all women interested in expanding professional connections and international trade markets to help each other to develop new networks and skills in this area.

Members are from leading organisations as well as small to medium size enterprises, encompass all sectors of business and include many successful professionals and prominent businesswomen as well as quiet achievers.

Office Bearers

Our serving office bearers for 2018/20 are :

President: Haley Welch

Vice President: Jackie Su

Vice President: Laurel Dixon

Vice President: Grace Ming

Secretary: Grace Paterson

Treasurer: Svetlana Obst


The Honourable Jing Lee, MLC

Assistant Minister to the Premier

Member of the Legislative Council in the South Australian Parliament

Past President of APBCW

Founder of the APBCW Woman of Distinction Awards

Past Presidents

We would like to thank our Past Presidents

  • Tji Srikandi-Goodhart
  • Peggy Lau-Flux
  • Kim Tollota
  • Susan Loh
  • Jing Lee
  • Yvonne Rothall
  • Sue-Lee Chan
  • Dyan Francis
  • Gosia Hill
  • Teresita Sarimento
  • Ning Zhang
  • Leah Grantham

Women of Distinction Awards

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