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2005 News
The 2005 APBCW Fashion, Passion & Women of Distinction Gala Dinner
The 2005 APBCW Fashion, Passion & Woman of Distinction Gala Dinner was held on the 4 th June. This was the APBCW's opportunity to do what we do best; create an environment for like minded women to meet and acknowledge one another's achievements. And the night was a wonderful example of how we do this. Entertaining, glamorous, passionate and, as always, sociable and full of fun. Supporting Charity Flinders Medical Centre Foundation was the charity we supported on the night. The Flinders Medical Centre is world renowned for their work in leukaemia and cancer. It is one of Australia's leading clinical trial centres and provides national leadership in cancer care, prevention, pain management, support and palliative care. Part proceeds from the APBCW Gala will help to build The Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer . This Centre will be a multi-story complex , housing research and clinical trial laboratories, clinical oncology and patient care clinics, community access and support facilities as well as a therapeutic spa.

2005 Women of Distinction APBCW announces 2005 Women of Distinction Recipients

CITSCA Chairman's Luncheon
30th March 2005
The CITSCA Chairman's Luncheons are CITSCA major public relations strategy for broader awareness of CITSCA, and the business scope of its chambers and business councils. Senior parliamentarians, industry and business leaders and media representatives attend the luncheons, hosted by CITSCA chairman, Mr Nicholas Begakis AM, with the support of Mrs Trish Semple, CITSCA Chief Executive. The luncheon format is relatively informal, and each guest is invited to talk about their core activity and organisation. I was able to speak about our recent achievements, and our future goals in promoting women in the business environment.South Australia's Population Challenge
The Dept of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs Forum
23rd March 2005
The Dept of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs held a forum for CITSCA members and associates presenting accurate and up-to-date marketplace information regarding what is needed to achieve South Australia's targeted population growth of 2 million by 2050. The forum discussed legislation, strategies and incentives in place to assist in reaching that target. I was surprised to learn that once an immigrant was settled in South Australia, there was no further contact or data base at DIMIA for follow up. I was interested as there would be an opportunity for APBCW to contact these people and invite them to our networking functions, as one of the objectives of Immigration SA was to encourage new residents to settle in SA long term, rather than move to the Eastern States once the two year sponsorship term was completed. I believe there is an opportunity for APBCW here, and I will make further enquiries.International Women's Day UNIFEM Breakfast
International Women's Day
8th March 2005
To celebrate International Women's Day, the APBCW attended the UNIFEM breakfast at the Adelaide Convention Centre, along with 1600 other women, ranging in age from school children to businesswomen to the elderly. The guest speaker was Mary Gaudron, former Justice of the High Court, whom Kate Ferguson described as a very inspirational speaker who spoke at everyone's level, and commented that despite the legal jargon, everybody was able to understand her message. Kate strongly encouraged APBCW attendance and involvement at next year's breakfast.
APBCW Parliamentary Dinner
16th February 2005
Parliamentary Dinner to honour our women of Distinction
As part of the APBCW ongoing commitment to recognise and promote distinctive business women, Michelle Lensink MLC hosted a Parliamentary Dinner to honour our women of Distinction. Michelle has been a great supporter of the Asia Pacific Business Council for Women, and was keen to meet Adelaide's leading business women.
Our Women of Distinction, from both 2003 and 2004, embraced the opportunity to come together and recognise their collective achievements. We had an interesting blend of women attending, which ensured a memorable evening, as the diversity in age, background and careers ensured a healthy blend of topics for discussion. I am always impressed with the camaraderie that is shown amongst women at our events – there seems to be willingness to share experiences and an interest in each others achievements. There certainly wasn't a lack of conversation! We were also honoured to have 4 of our past presidents, including our inaugural President, join us.
A special thank you to Michelle Lensink, our wonderful host for the evening, and also to Jing Lee, who has played such a significant role in the development of the Women of Distinction Awards. The evening wouldn't have developed without your support.
After the dinner, we had the opportunity to view Parliament and see Michelle in action!
Yalong Tibetan Song & Dance Troupe
14th February 2005
Supporting the AACCI, members of our committee attended a performance by the Yalong Tibetan Song & Dance Troupe, a nationally renowned troupe within China. An evening of colourful costumes, vibrant dancing and singing, plus a smorgasbord of exotic Tibetan instruments, it was a magnificent performance by the group, according to Jackie Su who represented the APBCW.
Chinese New Year Street Party
12th February 2005
As part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, the Chinatown Adelaide of South Australia held a street party to celebrate 2005 Lunar New Year of the Rooster in Moonta Street (Chinatown). Yvonne Rothall, as president of the APBCW, attended as an invited guest.
Happy New Year
11th February 2005
Happy New Year! We joined the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of South Australia to celebrate the year of the rooster at West Lakes Palace. We celebrated our way through ten courses of food, and were entertained by a terrific display of Lion Dancing.